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Kohlapuri Sandal for Women

Buy Kohlapuri Chappal and Sandal for Women Online

Kohlapuri sandal for women is the best way to redefine the casual look.  At 9threadz, each Kohlapuri sandal is a reflection of tradition meeting contemporary style.

Intricate details, craftsmanship, and elements of tradition define the Kohlapuri chappal for women. 

At 9threadz, you get a wide range of styles. Explore our collection today and order your favourite one. 

  1. Classic Charm
    Experience the ageless beauty of traditional Kohlapuri sandals reimagined by 9threadz. Classic styles adorned with intricate handcrafted details reflect traditions.
  2. Bohemian Bliss
    Enjoy a free-spirited vibe with our Kohlapuri sandal for women. Earthy tones and embellishments define this style.
    Bohemian inspired Kohlapuri sandal allows you to add a touch of boho-chic into your look. You can pair it with floral prints.
  3. Embroidery Kohlapuri Chappal for Women
    The threadwork and embellishments create a stunning visual appeal. making Kohlapuri sandals a perfect choice for special occasions. 

The comfort of Kohlapuri sandal for women allows you to make a statement.

Why Choose 9threadz Kohlapuri Chappal for Women?

  1. Style for Every Occasion
    Be it a festival or a casual outing, Kohlapuri Chappal for women is perfect.
  2. Handcrafted
    The handcrafted Kohlapuri sandals tell a unique story of tradition and innovation.
  3. Fashion Versatility
    From classic to bohemian, our styles cater to every taste. Our collection allows you to express your individuality with each step.

Explore the collection of Kohlapuri Chappal for Women today.


Ans – The Kohlapuri footwear at 9threadz is comfortable, soft, and durable. The footwear is made from high-quality leather. 

Ans – Kohlapuri sandals are versatile for casual & some semi-formal events, but kohlapuri chappals are not ideal for formal occasions.

Ans – Yes, 9threadz offer Kohlapuri sandals and chappals for women. 

Ans – Kohlapuri chappals from 9threadz are comfortable and lightweight, and can be worn all day.

Ans – Kolhapuri sandals are suitable for casual occasions due to their designs. For formal occasions, consider heels.

Ans – Kolhapuri chappals for women are traditional Indian footwear that is adorned with handcrafted designs and patterns. The traditional and authentic look of Kolhapuri chappals for women makes them unique.

Ans – The features of 9threadz Kolhapuri Chappals are: 

  1. Fine quality leather
  2. Different shades of brown
  3. Intricate thread designs

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